Alberto and Carmen Heredia

It all started when...

Alberto and Carmen Heredia began their journey in the 40’s, as migrant workers in this country.  Their drive and work ethic paved the way for their lasting legacy.  The first Carmelita’s was established in 1962, in Roseville, CA.  The Heredia’s contributions to the developing community as well as fresh delicious meals, made Carmelita’s a favorite in the area.  After more than two decades of dedication, they passed the torch down to their son, Clemente.  Together with his wife Rosalba, they carried on the family tradition.  In 1987, the Heredia family opened the doors to a second location in Fair Oaks, CA, where they were met with local embrace. 

Public support has made this establishment a long standing member of the Roseville and Fair Oaks locale.  Clemente Heredia and his family have created a unique place to enjoy food, drink, and company.